Mettaton is the one of the main characters in this Au.

He is the first one, who is not pervert. The second is Flowey

Have his own show on TV, but doesn't have a lot of viewers and usually gets dirty messages from people

Look Edit

He's looks just like original Mettaton, unless he have glasses, white butterfly tie and less "emerging forms".

Backstory Edit

NOTE: This may not be 100% Accurate; Here is where it's from:

Mettaton didn't always have glasses. Her first form looked like his original Undertale form. When Alphys gave him his new form, Mettaton believed it was a bit 'Lewd'. However, Alphys assured him that his show ratings would go through the roof. So, trusting a friend, Mettaton went out on stage with his new design. Mettaton was finally happy, Alphys was right, his show's ratings did go through the roof, his quiz show as a success. He thought it was going well, until the show ended.

Mettaton was walking home when a group of "Fans" backed him up against an alley.They assaulted Mettaton and raped him. They also smashed Mettaton's eye. Alphys found him the next morning, smashed and beaten on the ground. Alphys took him back to the lab to fix him up, and he begged her "not to stay in this body". Alphys said she was sorry, but his soul was too fractured and weak to move to a new body. Alphys fixed him the best she could, even slightly modifying his design,but the messages kept coming up on his quiz show.